It is completely free to list your RV on Camplify. Camplify only charges you when your RV is out on hire. The listing fee amounts to 8% of the total booking amount and covers the cost of things like: marketing, customer service costs, 24 hour roadside assistance, third party liability insurance, and other costs of running our business. The payment automatically comes out of the money your RV earns you on each booking. See the following example for further clarification:


A Camplify holidaymaker books and completes a hire of an RV on Camplify for 10 nights at a rate of £100 per night. The RV has therefore generated £1000 prior to the 8% listing fee. It is then calculated that 8% of £1000 = £80. Depending on whether the RV owner opted for our premium insurance product or not (extra fee), the RV owner will then receive a total payment of £930 into their account. Camplify has obtained a total of £80 for this particular booking. 


Please note if you have your own insurance solution Camplify will only charge a 6% fee