As an owner on Camplify it is important that you use the system and payment gateway to complete all hires. By paying through the system and completing the Pre-hire and Post-hire checklists on Camplify we make sure you are protected and covered should anything go wrong. 


We retain all records of conversations between you and the hirer on our platform and all documentation completed during the checklist phases. 


During the payment process, Camplify also collects the customers details for a security deposit (£1000 deposit) if payment does not occur through the system we can not collect the customer's payment details for the deposit. 


If you do not use the system and payment does not occur online we can not assist you if you need to make an insurance claim, with evidence or the security deposit. 


Camplify also provides roadside assistance while your RV is on hire nationwide through our partnership with the RAC. This is provided for free for all hires that are completed and paid through the system.