More hires = more money in your bank, which is great! If you’re looking to get more hires, we suggest that you stick to the following game plan:


  • Step 1: Make sure you've got high-quality photographs of your listing. Highlight all of the awesome features and functions - especially on the inside. Check out our photography guide here for a detailed example. Don't have a decent camera? No problem, you can use a modern smartphone or request a professional Camplify photographer to come and take photos of your RV at no extra cost.

  • Step 2: Make sure you've got a detailed RV description. Go into detail about all the different features, what you love about your RV and even where you like to take it. Why should they hire your RV over someone else's in the same area?

  • Step 3: Think about including a few extras in the hire, such as a few nibbles, an outdoor table, chairs, bed linen and any other things that provide hirers with extra comfort and experience. Make sure you clearly state these extras on your RV listing profile.

  • Step 4: Have a good pricing strategy. At Camplify, we empower RV owners to charge whatever nightly rate that they see fit. If your RV isn't getting as much attention from hirers as you hoped, a reduced nightly rate is a good way to spark some more interest. At a lower rate, you're also more likely to attract longer hires. You can easily customise your pricing from your Camplify dashboard by clicking on " Your Dashboard" > 'Manage This RV' > 'Pricing'.

  • Step 5: Ensure that you're responding to booking requests and enquiries within 48 hours. Quick response time is a sign of professionalism and excellent organisation, which is what all holidaymakers love. The sooner you answer your enquiries, the sooner you'll have a confirmed booking. Don't let all that easy money slip away!

  • Step 6: One of the best things about listing your RV on Camplify is that we market your RV for you. Our advanced system connects you and your RV with a verified holidaymaker looking to hire one just like yours. Our marketing team is extremely dedicated and we're constantly investing in new ways to generate more hires for our RV owners. On top of this, we still encourage our owners to do some extra marketing - especially those who are using Camplify to run their own business. There are a number of ways to help promote your own Camplify listing, and we're more than happy to help you work out a strategy that works for you. 

If you believe that you have satisfactorily fulfilled the above and still aren’t receiving as many enquiries as you think you should, contact the Camplify team and we will together work out a strategy to help boost visits and enquiries on your listing.