Always include some photos when you create your listing - even if you have to use a camera phone. High-quality photos are a great way to showcase your RV and help hirers establish their expectations. We can’t stress the importance of photos enough, and we highly encourage you to take the time to make sure they are right. Here are a few tips for taking your own photos: Check out our full guide here


 Ideal sizes:

Cover image: Width = 1500px, height = 900px.

Portrait: Width = 700px, height = 900px.

Square: Width = 900px, height = 900px.

Landscape: Width = 1500px, height = 900px.


We recommend: Four external images and six internal images to best showcase the size and layout of the RV


Remember - When in doubt, a bigger photo is always better.


Set the scene: Clean up your RV, remove clutter and pretend you’re preparing for your first hire. Set up a few chairs, a BBQ or anything that replicates a camping setup.


Take photos during the day: Open the door, windows, blinds or even turn on the lights to brighten your space. We recommend having the RV door facing the sunlight for clearer indoor pictures.


Highlight unique features: Make your RV stand out from the rest by including images of any features you deem to be unique.


Please note: live photos will not upload onto the website