In order to hire a campervan or motorhome through the Camplify platform we will require some additional information from the driver. This is to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers and also so the campervan or motorhome is fully covered by our insurance partner while the hire takes place.


We will need to check your driving licence entitlement details for compliance with our insurance policy. To share your driving licence details with us you will need the following information to hand.


  • Driving Licence number

  • National Insurance number

  • Post Code


This information can then be entered on the Government's website where you can share your entitlement information with us. Please follow the simple steps to get your code.


Get your code from HERE

All information is supplier from the.Gov website and all information is kept private

You will see this box where you will need to enter your details as prompted

You will now need to verify your identity  where prompted

This will then prompt the next step

You will  then need to select ‘Share your licence information’

Once you click on ‘Get a code’ you will be displayed the below box that will contain your unique 8 digits code a mix of numbers and letters

Once you have your ‘share my licence’ code please CLICK HERE with the code and the last eight digits of your driving licence number so we can process your booking.

If you require any assistance during the information sharing process please call us on 0330 8081811 where we’d be happy to help