Every van listed on Camplify must have comprehensive insurance.  Many insurers will not cover your van when it's out on hire, so we have worked with industry-leading insurance companies to develop a customised product for our members.  

The Camplify insurance product ensures that you are fully protected for any and all damage that may occur while your van is on hire.  Prices start at £11 per day for Drive, and 4% of the total hire for Stay and Deliver, and you only pay when your van is out on hire.

Please note: Camplify is working hard to secure an insurance product to hire cover towing caravans and trailers (a product not currently available in the UK insurance market). Because of this, caravans and trailers can only be able to be hired out for "drop-offs" (the owner delivers the van and this cannot be moved). It's a very popular option for festivals, extra storage or accommodation space (especially during Christmas or other popular holidays) and for stays at holiday parks.