Itching to feast your eyes on all the money you've made from your van? We're not surprised, it's a great feeling! To help understand when you'll see the money in your account, please review the payment process below: 

1.  A one-off onboarding call with a Camplify Community Manager is necessary before you can receive payments for your hires. Our team will send you an email in regards to scheduling your onboarding call; please contact us if you have not received this email.

2. Upon the hirer paying for your confirmed booking, Camplify will transfer the deposit amount into your account.

  • For Australian owners the deposit amount is 50%, and it is processed once per week, usually on a Tuesday, for activity within the previous 7 days.
  • For UK owners the deposit amount is 20%, and is processed twice per month, usually the  beginning of the month and again around the 15th of the month, for activity within the previous 14 days. 

3. The remaining balance, less the Camplify fee and insurance (if you have selected our insurance option), will be paid into your account using the same process (once per week for Australia, and twice a month for UK). This will occur after we receive the completed post-hire checklist.

4. Along with payment will be a remittance advice detailing what you were paid for.

5. Please remember to keep our community safe by submitting a review of the hirer when completed.

Haven't received your payments?

Please note:  If you have made changes to your bank account details in your Camplify Dashboard, please contact us to ensure that payments are being deposited into your correct bank account.

If you are currently expecting money and have not received any, please reach out to us. 


1300 416 133

United Kingdom

0330 808 1811