Yes!  All vans listed on our site must be comprehensively insured for hiring. Owners can either use their own insurance or select ours. 

We have worked with industry-leading insurance companies to develop a tailored insurance product for our members. This insurance product ensures that owners are fully protected for any damage that occurs when out on hire.  Hirers are also fully protected for any damage over the Excess Amount which varies depending on the Excess Reduction option selected.  Check the insurance and contract links below for detail.

Hirers must also keep in mind there are ways to breach the rental contract which will render them liable for ALL costs of repairs, replacement, or damage caused.  This includes but is not limited to

Breaches of contract

  • Overhead Damage
  • Underbody Damage
  • An unauthorised driver using the equipment
  • Operating the equipment without a valid drivers license
  • Continuing to use the equipment while damaged unroadworthy, or unsafe
  • Use in prohibited areas include: roads that are prone to flooding or are flooded; beaches, streams, rivers, creeks, dams and floodwaters
  • Using Equipment that is not specially built for off-road activity by the manufacturer in an off-road environment

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