Every single hire through Camplify is covered by 24/7 roadside assistance.

In the United Kingdom, we've partnered with the RAC Nationwide breakdown and recovery service.

Here's how it works:

Camplify covers the cost for all roadside assistance call-outs due to breakdowns or if the vehicle is involved in an accident within the UK and Europe. This means hirers will be safe and secure while on their trip.

Sometimes, unexpected things happen. If any type of mishap occurs during the hire, our team and roadside assistance will jump into action.  If any of the following happens during the hire, the hirer won't be out of pocket and the recreational vehicle (RV) will be back on the road quickly:

  • Towing because of an RV fault
  • Towing because of a driver error causing a fault to the RV
  • The RV battery is flat
  • The RV has run out of fuel
  • A tyre on the RV requires replacement or repair

To find out more about how our roadside assistance product works, speak with our team or visit our information page:

United Kingdom

0330 808 1811