After you've submitted a booking request to an owner, they need to approve the booking before you can pay. Once the booking is approved, you should complete the payment as quickly as possible to secure your holiday. Owners usually allow around 24/48 hours for payment to be submitted before cancelling the booking request.

Once the owner has approved your booking, a PAY NOW button will appear at the top of the booking page.

Hit that button and you will be taken through the following steps:

  1. Review booking details
  2. Complete profile
  3. Select your accident excess package
  4. Pay for your trip

Once you reach the payment step, enter your credit card details and hit "Make payment".  It's highly likely you will be requested to complete a secondary security verification step with your financial institution. Once the payment has gone through, you'll receive a payment receipt via email, and the van owner will be notified that you've made payment.

We'll send you a reminder email leading up to your trip.  Enjoy your holiday!