What is your liability?

Incident liability is the maximum amount (cost) per incident the hirer is responsible for should there be an incident (excluding rental breaches). This includes damage to the rental vehicle and any third party property. Your liability can range from £0 - to £2000 depending on the RV and rental type. This liability can be reduced by selecting a Liability Waiver package. Choosing to reduce your liability also entitles you to premium breakdown cover, and reduced windscreen coverage, and tyre coverage.

What is the Deposit?

The Liability Deposit is the funds that must be available on your card when you collect vehicle. Camplify will do a check on your available credit card (supplied) to check funds are available should the liability costs need to be charged against your card.

The amount is determined by the Liability Waiver package option selected. This will appear as a pending transaction on your credit card for the duration of your hire, as well as 48 hours before and 48 hours after your hire.

To find out more, please call Camplify Customer Support, or visit https://www.camplify.co.uk/liability-waiver

Note: if you are in breach of the Camplify Hiring Contract, you may be liable for the full loss.