Yes we do, however, in order to comply with the terms of our insurance policy, we are required to refer all foreign driving licences that are not issued by the following governments: UK, EU, Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand.


To do so, we will require the following documents:

  • Drivers licence (front and back)
  • Passport
  • Proof of address (Utility bill/cell phone account, issued within the last 3 months)


You will also need to confirm the following:

  • Occupation: 
  • Date of Birth: 
  • Date Driving Licence obtained: 
  • Type of Driving Licence: 


You will also need to answer the following questions:

Have you?

  • had any medical conditions, disabilities or infirmities in the past 5 years? Yes/No
  • been permanently resident outside the UK? Yes/No
  • received any licence endorsement in the last 5yrs? Yes/No
  • ever been disqualified from holding a licence? Yes/No
  • ever been refused insurance at normal terms? Yes/No
  • ever had a policy cancelled or voided by an insurer? Yes/No
  • been involved in any accident or loss, of any kind, or made any fire or theft claims in the last 5 years? Yes/No
  • How long have you been a licensed taxi driver (if applicable)?
  • Will the driver use the car for business purposes? Yes/No

If any of the above answers are answered "Yes", please provide full details:


Please note, without this extra documentation and information, we won't be able to let the van out on hire.


This information can be emailed to our support team at along with your Booking ID.