Camplify operates on a 24 hour day billing period, so a hirer will always be charged for a full day however you can set your own pick up and drop off times so from mid January 2022 you can accept same day bookings i.e. the van can be dropped back and go out again on the same day.  

What happens if my hirer drops off early?

The hirer has already been charged for the full 24 hour period, so if they choose to bring it back earlier they are not eligible for any reimbursement.

Can I let the Hirer pick up the van the night before free of charge?

Your can hire the RV out for a nominal charge the evening prior to the start of the hire however you will be charged an additional day's insurance. For insurance purposes, it is important the booking is updated with the new dates.

Insurance with Camplify relies on having accurate information about who and when the RV is on hire. You must include all days that the RV is on hire through Camplify. You are able to amend your booking easily by contacting the team on or calling the team on 0330 808 1811.

How do I amend the Booking Price / Dates?