At Camplify we do our best to help all of our hirers and owners in our Camplifam community. We know that thousands of happy hirers go on trips and owners help travellers on your way. We want everyone to know just how easy it is to book, pay, and travel with Camplify.


As a hirer who has booked and travelled with an RV from an owner, you are able to describe how Camplify has helped you have a low cost and unique holiday.


As an Owner that hopefully has had some great experiences - we would love it if you could share how we help you to make money through sharing your RV through Camplify. This will help build up Camplify's online feedback, which will help all owners secure more bookings.

How to review Camplify on Trust Pilot

  1. Search for Camplify from their search bar on the front page-

    Austalia -
    The United Kingdo
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  2.  Find and click the “Write a Review” button 
  3. You will be asked to leave a numerical rating out of 5 - (we love 5 stars!)
  4. Then "Write about your experience" share some words about your experience with Camplify.
    The more specific you can be, the more we can commend what's working and improve our services.
  5. You can then "Give your Review a title" with 2-3 words summarising your review
  6. Please then add your Name, Booking ID or your RV ID from your listing. This helps us thank you when you have had a good time, but also help those who have had a bad time
  7. Then when all the information is there, check it and click "submit"

What the review page looks like: