Camplify is a peer-to-peer platform, so if you are no longer able to take your trip, you will need to cancel the booking through the platform. Then Camplify will be notified with all the information we need to process your cancellation.

The refund and crediting process from Camplify is automatically started upon an official cancellation of a booking made by the hirer or owner by clicking on "Cancel booking" on the booking details page within the Camplify member account. Hirers and owners will be eligible for recompensation, credits, or refunds dependant upon the cancellation policy stated on the owner's RV at the time of booking.

Our Cancellation Policy will reflect the date and time of the cancellation request being submitted via the Camplify's booking platform. If you do not cancel the booking via the below process we can not guarantee the refund or credit can be applied.

  • Credits - are applied to your Camplify account, allowing you to rebook with the same RV or with any other on the platform. These are applied instantly to your account if you are eligible.
  • Refunds  - are determined by the Camplify system once "Request refund" is selected from the booking details page based on the cancellation policy and the cancel date and will be processed manually. We expect this process can take between 7 - 30 days. Refunds can only be processed back to the original card used for payment unless the card has expired. Credits will be applied when the refund by card cannot be processed. Remember that cancellations are subject to a £13 cancellation fee.
  • Payment - Once the refund is finalised, all refunds by credit card can take up to a maximum of 21 working days depending on your financial institution, but usually are seen in your account within 3 working days.    

We appreciate your patience.

FAQ - Can I cancel a booking?

FAQ - What is the cancellation policy?

How do I get a credit or refund from Camplify?

If you want/need to cancel your booking with an owner you will need to submit the cancellation through the Camplify booking platform. This will advise the vehicle owner of the cancellation and submit a request to our Refunds and Cancellation Department to proceed with your refund or applicable credit. 

Please provide as much detail as possible as to why you are cancelling as this assists both the owner and team in actioning with priority. 

First, you must cancel the booking

  1. Log Into your Camplify Account via the Camplify App or 
  2. Find the "Booking" that requires cancellation
  3. "Write a message" to the Owner to let them know that you are cancelling and why
  4. Click "Cancel" on the booking
  5. "Select a reason" to send to Camplify

Camplify will then process your refund or credit

If your cancellation policy permits a refund this will be processed directly through our Refunds and Cancellation Department. 

Full details of each Cancellation policy can be found here:

Cancellations not subject to government restrictions are subject to a refund processing fee of £13.

If there is a dispute with the RV Owner regarding the cancellation, you must notify Camplify within 48 hours of booking/cancelling and allow Camplify to resolve the dispute. 

Please refer to our Hirer Contract for more detail - Hiring Contract

If you have further questions regarding cancellation or want to discuss your situation please contact our Customer Support Team on 0330 8081811.