If you have any health concerns before or after your trip, you must communicate with the owner of the van and make our team aware. 

Following advice from the government and local health authorities, we’ll work together with that owner to ensure extensive measures are taken before this van is used by any other holidaymakers.

Prior to all trips, we recommend that all parties - Download the government’s COVID-19 tracing app 

The UK government has launched an app that helps to record who people have interacted with. The purpose of this is to ensure that if someone tests positive for COVID-19, then everyone that they have come into contact with can be informed. 

We recommend that all hirers and owners using Camplify download the app to ensure that activities like camping can continue to take place safely. 

Tell the owner the truth

In the lead up to your booking, be sure to tell the owner whether you have displayed any symptoms or whether anyone in your group has been exposed to someone displaying COVID-19 Symptoms. This also applies during your trip and returning the vehicle.

For any concerns about your upcoming trip, during or post please call our Customer Support Team on 0330 808 1811.