1. Make sure your entire party is safe.
  2. Call emergency services immediately on 999 and request either Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance if necessary.
  3. If emergency services are called and the van needs to be towed; in many cases, a tow company will often be organised by emergency services.
  4. Any accident or damage must be reported as soon as it occurs. Failure to do so may result in additional charges over any Liability Amount agreed during your booking process. Call the owner and explain what has happened. The owner will have advice about what should happen next to their van. They may wish for it to be towed back to their location for repairs or other alternatives. Always engage the owner on decisions involving their van.
  5. Please record the date and time of the accident.
  6. Take down the registration number, colour, make and model of any Third Party vehicle involved. 
  7. If a third party is involved, take the driver details: name, contact number, third party insurer.
  8. Take photos of all vehicles involved, including the hired vehicle – please take pictures of every part of the vehicle, damage and non-damage. Make sure to take photos from different angles as well as close-ups. If possible, please also take a picture of the vehicle(s) showing the registration number plate and area damaged in one photo. Take photos of the surrounding area, for example if an object is also involved e.g. bollard.
  9. Please note the number of passengers in the third party vehicle(s). 
  10. If any witnesses have seen the accident please take down their contact details.
  11. Please note down the circumstances that led up to the incident e.g Third Party Vehicle veered into your lane etc.
  12. If the police are involved please take a copy of the crime reference number and the name(s) of the police officer who attended the scene. Please remember: do not admit fault and leave it to the insurance companies to assess.
  13. Call Camplify on 0330 808 1811 and let us know what has occurred and we can assist in helping you work through the next steps.