In the event of an incident, Camplify’s role is to manage the Excess deposit and apply the Owner's and Hirer's terms and conditions. 

Camplify analyses all claims in great detail using the information provided by hirers and owners as well as the pre and post-hire checklists, also assessing if there are any breaches to the rental contract. All claims handling and settlement services for incidents over the insurance policy excess will be conducted by Allianz or the applicable Insurer. 

Any disputes between members will be handled either by Camplify's dispute resolution team, or the insurer.

Camplify Dispute Resolution

The Camplify Complaints and Member Dispute Resolution Policy is available on Camplify’s website at:

Your concern will be investigated by an officer with full authority to deal with the complaint and Camplify will inform you of the outcome within 15 working days of receiving the complaint.