Whilst the Camplify insurance covers a full 24 hour period the pick-up and drop-off times are decided between the owner and hirer and should be respected as much as possible.

Owners recommend their own times, often in their "hiring rules", as it's their personal RV that they are renting out.
Most owners run their RV hire as a side business and may need to arrange times outside of work hours. Others will be more flexible or strict and you will need to negotiate with them.


You will need to arrange the pickup time with the owner. If you need to pick up before the agreed time, you will need to discuss this with the owner directly.

If it's on the same day as planned, your insurance will be covered. If the day is different, you will need to follow our steps to amend the booking. Many owners will allow pick up the day before, however, this needs to be reflected in the booking, or it will not be correct for insurance purposes.

FAQ - How do I amend my booking?

Late drop-off

If you're running late on the day of the pick-up or return, contact your owner as soon as possible. Owners may need to make alternative arrangements. Think of it as the same requirements for checking out of a hotel on time. If you're considerably late upon return, the owner has the right to obtain an extra fee from you.

If you have broken down and this is causing delays, please contact the owner + Camplify, so we can assist.

FAQ - What if I break down?

FAQ - How do I amend my booking?

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