Camplify cannot force owners to postpone bookings. Camplify allows changes as long as the owner agrees.  

It's not a requirement of Camplify owners to postpone instead of cancel. Many owners run as a business and may not be able to facilitate a change of dates. Owners may also not be willing to accept modifications depending on the cancellation policy and how close to departure you request a change.

What does "postponing" mean?

Postponing is different to a cancellation, the booking will still go ahead, just at a different time. Prices may change based on the new dates. 

If a new date hasn't been set, it's common to move to a new date several months in the future and then edit them again when a firm date is decided.

What is a good reason to postpone instead of cancel?

  • Event date changes
  • Emergency 
  • Health reasons
  • Personal family reasons
  • Extreme weather is forecast

How to postpone?

Follow the same process for the FAQ - How do I change the dates on my booking?