No, reviews cannot be modified or deleted once submitted. 

We are often asked to amend reviews because of mistakes or if an issue is later resolved. However, we are unable to change reviews, what you submit is final.

Understanding Reviews at Camplify

We provide a platform that gives both parties the ability to transact safely, easily, and honestly.

The listings on our site are owned by everyday RV owners who love camping and want to make money by sharing their van safely and securely through Camplify. 

Both parties must review each other

Upon completion of the booking, both hirers and owners will be asked to leave a review of the other party and their experience. Reviews are crucial as both owners and hirers can review someone's hiring history. Good reviews will increase the likelihood of securing future bookings within the platform. 

You won't be able to see how you have been reviewed until you've completed a review in return.

FAQ - What is the Camplify hirer etiquette?