It's possible, however, most owners require the RV to be returned to its original location.

Camplify connects private owners of vans with people wanting to hire one for their holiday. The listings on our site are owned by everyday RV owners and because of this, the majority of the vehicles listed on our platform will need to be returned to the same location. However, as there are more and more owners operating small businesses that are listed on Camplify, the options of one-ways for extended trips are becoming more common.

How to book a one-way trip

1. Search for RVs

2. Submit a booking request and discuss it with the owner directly

3. They may charge a 'relocation fee' to accommodate for the RV needing to be picked up

If you are looking for a specific destination or extended one-way trip please contact our 

Customer Service Team on 0330 808 1811 and we can help you find a solution.