Yes, long term hires are possible through Camplify.

Whilst short-term holidays are more common, owners love a long term-hire and because of this, hirers are often able to negotiate cheaper rates.  

Long-term hires will commonly be for reasons below:

  • Isolation booking due to Covid-19
  • Replacement/temporary accommodation
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Extra accommodation for family/friends
  • One-way trips
  • Big trips around Europe or Scotland

Am I eligible for a reduced rate?

Yes, whilst it's very common not all owners are willing to reduce their rates. Make a few enquiries in order to have more chances to negotiate to price. When you find a van, just remember to cancel the pending booking requests so that the other owners are aware you no longer need their van. Camplify has authority over the price negotiation.

How do I find owners willing to offer long term hires?

We don't currently have a search filter for this, however, most owners are open to the possibility. 

You are welcome to call our team to help you 0330 808 1811.

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