The listings on our site are owned by everyday RV owners who love camping and want to make money by sharing their van safely through Camplify. 

Many guests want to make sure the RV will be suitable for their holiday and family's needs. 

If you would like to view a motorhome or caravan prior to your holiday you can submit a booking request directly with the vehicle owner.  In the message field please provide details of your request. The owner may be able and willing to arrange a suitable time to view the vehicle and answer any questions prior to approving your request. Please note, this is at the discretion of individual owners. Owners are not required to show the van before a booking is confirmed or prior to picking it up.

Points to consider when selecting a vehicle

  • Weight and size of the vehicle and whether it is suitable for your itinerary (for example small European roads, Cornish villages and rural roads)
  • Size of the beds if you are travelling with teenagers
  • Solar capability if you are considering non-powered sites
  • Inclusions for your trip (camp chairs, awning mat, linen): being prepared before your holiday helps when packing and avoids carrying unnecessary weight in the van if items are already stocked.
  • The heating system if you are travelling in winter
  • Shower and toilet facilities

If you have any questions about a specific vehicle or suitability you can contact our

Customer Service on 0330 808 1811 and we can discuss in detail.

FAQ- How do I speak with the owner?