Camplify is a peer to peer platform that connects owners of RVs (motorhomes, campervans, caravans, trailers and static caravans) with people wanting to hire one for their holiday. 

We provide a platform that gives both parties the ability to transact safely, easily and always insured. 

The vans listed on our site are owned by everyday RV owners who love camping and want to make money by sharing their van safely through Camplify. 

Detailed steps to make a booking through Camplify -

1. Go to

2. Go to the search bar in the middle of the page

3. Type in a location for your holiday or pick up area.

4. We will use an example from Newcastle to show you how it works.

5. The search bar will bring up RVs available in Newcastle. You will see there is a variety of motorhomes, campervans, caravans and more. These RVs are owned and operated by regular people living in Newcastle. 

6.  You can apply multiple filters to the RVs available by going to the filters under the search bar. You will need to hit "Apply" to make the changes to the filter.

7. Try the "Type of Hire" Filter first. You will need to hit "Apply" to make the changes to the filter.

8. Then select the "Dates" you would like to take a holiday

9. Select the number of "Guests" you will need to be seated and sleeping.

10. Then choose your preferred "Van Type/s". You can select multiple options.

11. There are "More Filters" available for "Amenities", "Rules" and "Price" range.

12. When you are happy with your filters, then hit apply and it will automatically refresh your search page with your preferences. We suggest to keep it simple so that you have a larger pool of RVs to choose from.

13. You can then click on the RVs that you are interested in and read more about them. 

Let's say you pick the second van on the list Vanny DeVito.

This is the listing for Vanny DeVito. You can scroll through the images, see the descriptions and hiring rules. 

14. When you have picked a van for your trip, then you will need to "Request to book"

15. A pop up will appear where Camplify is asking you to "Login" or "Signup" to make a booking enquiry.

16. If you are a new member, click "Sign up". You can use your Facebook account information or you can sign in with an email address. 

When you sign up, please note that you agree to Camplify’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

17. When you have logged in or signed up, it will automatically redirect you back to the booking requests "Confirm booking Request" page.

18. You are now able to add any "Extra Products" that this specific owner is offering.

Your total cost on the right will reflect all of your additions to the price.

You will see the "Price" is broken down into categories. 

  1. 2 days reflects the daily rate charged by the RV owner.
  2. "Booking Fee" - is a 12% charge + VAT from the total of your trip paid to Camplify for 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Call Centre. 
  3. The "Service Fee" - is a charge from the RV owner for cleaning and amenities. 
  4. "Extra Products" that you have added available by the RV Owner

The "Total" a reflection of the amount that you as a Hirer will need to pay. 

19.  Owners are able to display a public message on this "Confirm Booking Request" page so that they can ask you questions about yourself and your trip.

You answer these questions in the white text box "Your message to X"  By providing this information you will drastically increase the chances of your booking being approved. 

20. After answering their questions, you click on "Confirm booking request". You will not be charged at this point.

21. Camplify will then send the owner an email and notification to check your "pending" booking request. 

22. You will be automatically directed to the "Booking request" that you now have with the Owner of the RV. 

You will see that "Your booking request is pending approval from X"

This booking needs to be "Approved" by the owner before you can pay and secure the booking.

23. If you want to message the owner, you now have a direct line of communication to them through this booking. 

You can "Send Message" and it will be sent to the owner as an email and app notification. 

24. When you and the owner have communicated enough, then the owner will need to "Approve" or "Decline" the "Booking request".

You will receive a Camplify notification message when they have chosen either way. You will also get an email prompt so you can check the status of your booking. 

25. If the owner has declined your booking, this means that you will not be able to pay and secure the booking for your holiday in this RV.

There are a variety of reasons why an owner may decline:

  • The dates have become unavailable
  • They don't feel that you have the relevant experience to use their RV
  • They don't feel that you have answered the questions in a truthful manner
  • They don't want to RV to travel to the location that you have specified
  • Personal matters

We encourage you to contact other owners through a booking request to see if they will accept your booking.

26. If you don't hear back from the owner within 48 hours, please call us on 0330 808 1811 and we will help you get your booking confirmed.

27. When the owner has "Approved" your "Booking Request", you will see in the booking green text saying "Booking approved by X". You will also receive a notification and email 

28. It is now time to "Make Payment" and secure your holiday. 

Click "Make Payment" 

29. You will be directed to "Review Booking Details". 

If the details are incorrect then you will need to hit "back" to amend the booking.

If the dates are correct click "Save and Continue".

30. You will then be asked to "Update Profile" to confirm your correct profile information. Then click "Save and Continue"

31. You will then be asked if you want to "Reduce Excess" for your trip.

The excess options are available for you to reduce the cost that you would be charged to you if you were to damage the RV or get in an accident.  

The excess costs are dependant upon the RV and hiring type selected. In this example, Drive + Campervan is a maximum excess of $2000, which the hirer can reduce by paying an additional cost per day.

When you have selected your Excess Reduction, click "Save and Continue"

We have more information about your 
Excess Reduction Packages -
Hirer Insurance - 

Example: The hirer has agreed to pay for a Liability Reduction package - Silver.

32. You now need to "Confirm and Pay" for the booking. 

You will see that there is a breakdown of all costs you are paying to the RV Owner and Camplify.

All Hirers pay Camplify to secure the booking, the amount is held in a Trust account until the start of the booking and then the owner is paid.

Outside 30 days = 25% deposit charged to the hirer

Inside of 30 days = Full payment charged to the hirer

Example: This booking is within 30 days, so Camplify is requesting the full booking payment. 

32. You then tick "I agree and understand the Camplify Terms and Conditions contract as set out, and my responsibilities. I agree and authorise Camplify to treat this acknowledgement as digital electronic signature"

33. Then add your "Payment Details" and Credit Card. 

We accept Visa and Mastercard only through our payment platform - Airwallex. AMEX is not accepted at current time.

If you want to pay more than the "Due now" amount, then you can call Camplify and make a manual payment.

If you are unable to pay the amount "Due now" for financial reasons, you will need to call Camplify to ask about other payment options. We are unable to accept bank transfers to pay for your trip.

If you have already used Camplify and have a credit applied to your account, where you see Payment Details above, there would also be a "Credit available" notice. You can select it to pay for a portion or total of your total amount. 

34. Click "Confirm and Pay". Camplify will confirm the card and say "Sending payment".

35. After the payment is successful then it will say "Payment Successful" and "Congratulations!"

36. Your booking has now been received and paid.

37. At any time, you can see the booking or message the owner through your Camplify Dashboard. 

Go to "Bookings" on the right-hand side of the screen.

38. You can see there are sections of "Pending", "Approved", "Paid" and "Completed"

Example: this booking has been "Paid", so it will appear in the paid section.

39. You can then click "View Booking Request" and "Send message" to the owner or "Cancel" if necessary.

40. If you ever need help with your booking you will need to read through our help articles or call Camplify support. 

You will be asked to quote the "Booking ID" - this is listed on each RV booking. 

Have a great time on your trip!