You are only required to pay for your booking after the owner accepts your request. This payment is not automated. Hirers are advised to pay within 24 hours of approval in order to secure the booking, as owners are advised to cancel unpaid requests after this period. 

If you are booking a long time in advance, Camplify only requires a deposit that amounts to 20% of the booking’s total cost. The final payment is due 30 days before your hire is set to commence. However, if you are booking for hire dates that are less then 30 days away, the first payment will be for the full amount.

In addition, to make a payment you're required to have completed your profile, which includes uploading a clear profile photo and your driving licence details and selecting your liability package for your booking.

FAQ: Why do I need to upload a profile picture?

FAQ: Is there a way for me to reduce my liability?