We love sharing stories of our owners' success with the press and media. We tell the story of their business, their vans and the experience that they offer through Camplify. These have been very successful in the past and we are always keen to promote new owners' stories.

All you need to do is answer the questions below. You can email your responses to our customer success team at support@camplify.co.uk or, if you prefer, we can give you a call and we can go through it with you over the phone.
  • Where does your interest in camping/caravanning come from?
  • Do you get to go away in your van often, and who do you go with? If you have children, it would be great if you could include their names and ages.
  • Why did you decide to join Camplify?
  • Future ambitions for your Camplify business? (plans for the additional income)
  • What do you enjoy most about the experience?
  • Send us a few pictures of yourself or your family with your van on holiday or with some of your hirers.
We may also feature you in some of our Camplify blogs and give you a call to gather some more information on your story.

Finally, we’re also looking for stories that we may be able to share with local newspapers and TV stations to help raise awareness and drive more interest and bookings for Camplify. If you'd like to be part of this opportunity, let us know your interest and we'll consider you as soon as an opportunity arises.