Handovers are a critical step in the Camplify hiring experience. Experience has shown that a thorough handover considerably reduces the likelihood of issues or damage whilst it increases the hirer confidence and his/her ability to enjoy the holiday, ultimately resulting in positive reviews.

The handover must be completed in person to demonstrate the use of the RV.

You will need to complete the Pre-Hire Checklist with the hirer - Think of it as conditions/inventory report - similar to the commencement of a housing lease! The pre-hire checklist will guide you through the handover and highlight important topics that you need to discuss with your hirers.

  • Be thorough
  • Take your time
  • Demonstrate everything, encourage them to help set up
  • Ask questions
  • Allow them to ask you questions

We do NOT recommend that you have the key stored in a lockbox for handover. 

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