If you are ever having issues with the Camplify App, you can follow a few steps to help out.

Step 1 - Try restarting the app. The most updated version of the app may help solve your issue.

  • Sign out and close the app
  • Delete the app
  • Reinstall and sign in
  • Repeat the task you did earlier and see if the issue persists

Step 2 - If the issue persists, follow these steps to provide us with the evidence of the issue.

  • Go to "Settings" in your phone, look for "About this phone" to find this information:
  • What make & model of phone to you have? (Eg. iPhone 12 Pro)
  • What "Software Version" of the phone do you have? (Eg. 14.4.2)

Step 3 - IMPORTANT - Can you provide screenshots of the app in action and then describe the issue?

  • Where on the app does the issue begin?
  • What does the app do?
  • Does this issue relate to a specific booking? Which one?
  • What other issues can you see?

*Please send the info in Steps 2 & 3 via email to support@camplify.co.uk so it can be shared with our Development Team to be able to resolve the issue.