Camplify has developed the Camplify Owner App to bring everything about managing a caravan, motorhome, campervan, or camper trailer into one easy-to-use place.

Owner App Features:

  • Communicate with your hirers
  • Manage, approve and adjust their bookings
  • Complete the mandatory pre and post-hire checklists
  • Add guest and vehicle information during the handover
  • Receive important information from the Camplify team
  • Works in offline mode to allow handovers in remote areas

*Pre & Post Hire Checklists*

The Pre and Post-hire checklists are a vital part of keeping your van safe when hiring it out. They act as a visual condition report, providing you, your hirer, and Camplify, with photographic evidence of the condition of the van before and after the hire. You must complete the pre and post-hire checklist for every booking via the app.

  •  Pre-Hire Checklist: The Pre-hire checklist is now split into two parts: the Condition Report and the Handover.

     -Condition Report-

      The checklist is now split into two parts. The first is a condition report which you can complete up to 24 hours prior to the booking starting and can be done without the hirer present. The condition report entails taking live pictures of your van and confirming its operational features. You then have the ability to part save your checklist, in order to wait for the hirer to arrive.

*When uploading photos you must upload a minimum of 6 photos of both the exterior and the interior. We encourage you to take as many photos as possible, and the app will allow you to upload up to 20 photos in each of the exterior and interior sections.


      The second part, therefore, is the handover and education piece with the hirers. The checklist prompts you to verify the hirers, before discussing and confirming all the operational and safety aspects of your van, along with what to do in the event of damage or an emergency. Once the checklist is complete it saves to both the owner and the hirer Camplify dashboards.

Hire-type specific checklists

We have now updated the app so that there are unique checklists for each type of booking (deliver, stay or drive); the checklists will now show specific and relevant questions depending on the type of booking.

*Want more of a walk-through on completing the Pre-Hire Checklist? Click here!


Q1) Can I use the app when not in service?

A1) Yes. Just make sure you have logged into your account on the app prior to going into a non-service area. The checklist will be sent to Camplify automatically when you are next in service.

Q2) Why is the Pre-Hire checklist in two parts?

A2) The first section is the condition report, which confirms that you have completed a thorough check of your van prior to the hirers arrival. This can be done up to 24 hours before the hire begins and includes taking condition report photos of the van that will then be used in a claim should any damage occur.

The second part is to be completed with the hirers present and is the education/handover section, where you will be showing them how everything works and how to safely operate your van. Both parties will then receive a completed copy of the Pre-Hire, which will be used as a reference should any accidents happen during the rental.

Q3) Can I upload pictures from the camera roll for the checklists?

A3) Yes - In order to guarantee the condition of the van is accurate at the time of hire, all photos must be either taken live via the app or from your Camera Roll as long as the photo is less than 24 hours old. The app allows 24 hours prior to the booking starting for Owners to complete the condition report of the van. 

Q4) How many photos do you recommend I take on the inside and the outside? 

A4) The app is set up to require a minimum of 6 photos on both the inside and outside of your van. However, the checklist allows a maximum of 40 photos total (20 for each interior & exterior), the more the better!

Q5) How often do I need to update the App and do you notify me?

A5) The app should update automatically via app or google stores. Though, if you're having issues, we recommend deleting and downloading the app again to ensure the most updated version is on your phone.

Q6) What happens if I have a technical difficulty?

A6) Check out our troubleshooting guide for the app or give our Camplify Customer Support a call on 0330 8081811 and they will try and help you through the problem. If this is not possible at the time we may ask you for a screenshot or recording of the issue you are facing in order to help solve any issue and email it to If ever in doubt, give us a call.