Yes, you can set different minimum days requirements for different ranges of dates in your calendar i.e. set a longer minimum day period for peak holiday periods and reduce the minimum for off peak bookings.

Jump into your calendar to review the upcoming months and make this change to streamline your booking process and maximise rental returns.

How to set variable minimum days

Listing calendar view

Set minimum days via the listing calendar
    • Log into your Camplify account at
    • To view your vans default minimum days of hire click “manage” from your dashboard and open your listing. 
      Check the current minimum days set under the “Price and Terms” section. 

    • Open your van calendar via the owner dashboard

  • Click on the first date you want to edit minimum hire period for. A pop up box will appear.

  • Type in the Start and End dates and a number in the Minimum days box (you may have to overwrite the existing number of minimum days) and click Save

  • Your changes have been applied and the minimum hire period be visible when a hirer selects any of these particular dates

Calendar view


* If a hirer selects dates that cross over both your van’s default minimum hire period with your customised minimum hire period, then the customised “minimum hire setting” will apply i.e. you have a min hire period of 3 days for April, May, June and a 5 days min hire period for July, August, September and the hirer makes a booking request starting 30th June then the min hire displayed will be 5 days.

* If a hirer is selecting dates that cross over two separate customised minimum hire periods, then the most strict minimum hirer period will apply

* You can also set customised minimum hire periods via your fleet calendar if you choose, following the same direction within the calendar pop out.