Whilst habitation checks are not compulsory by law, we strongly encourage you to have an up-to-date habitation check for your RV.

A habitation check is a detailed examination of your motorhome or caravan. It usually covers dangers such as fire risk, ventilation and gas systems as well as problem areas like damp, water systems, electrical systems and bodywork.

Having a habitation check done may prevent small problems from becoming expensive repairs, protect the value of your motorhome or caravan but also the safety of your hirers.

Your local caravan or motorhome dealer service centre may be able to carry out this work for you or you could search for a registered mobile servicer to carry out the test at your home or storage yard.

To hire out your van, you must also have an up-to-date gas certificate for landlords. This is a legal requirement and motorhomes, campervans, and caravans are included in this law much like properties. You can read more about it on the HSE website at https://www.hse.gov.uk/gas/landlords/who.htm.

In the event of a fault or problem, if the gas system is faulty and has not been checked or maintained, you will be found negligent and held liable for any damage or incident.

You can find a list of gas safety engineers for hired vans here.

You can also find more information at:
www.gassaferegister.co.uk/help-and-advice/renting-a-property/information-for-landlords/ https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/help-and-advice/seasonal-advice/gas-safety-for-motorhomes-and-caravans/

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