Yes, multiple logins are now available through the Camplify Owners App!.


  • Our owners can now log into their accounts across mobile devices, desktops, tablets, even the apple watch without forcing other devices to close.
  • Increased usability for couples where the account is being managed by both parties. 
  • Fleet owners will now be able to perform multiple actions on the app simultaneously including pre and post-hire checklists, accepting/declining bookings and sending messages to hirers.

Things to be aware of:

  • If users attempt to undertake the exact same action at the same time, the user who initiated the action first will be prioritised. We suggest our fleet owners keep this in mind and communicate with each other what bookings they are wanting to accept and decline. 

  • When completing your pre and post hire checklists, we ask owners to remember images used under our “add photo” function must be taken from the device submitting the checklist. If multiple users are logged in, the first user to submit the pre or post-hire checklist will be full and final. The green tick will appear on submission and multiple users can view completed checklists from any device.