The information on a Camplify van listing is provided by the individual van owner. It is the owners responsibility to make sure that the vehicle is up to the standard advertised on the platform and that this is the van provided for the hire.

If an essential amenity or accessory advertised on the listing can no longer be provided, owners are responsible for providing a suitable alternative and informing the hirer as quickly as possible. Depending on the amenity in question, the hirer may be given the the opportunity to choose whether they wish to go ahead with the booking.

If an amenity or accessory advertised on the Camplify listing, and deemed essential for the booking to go ahead, is broken, not functioning properly or missing, the hirer can request a 5% refund on the hire per non-functioning amenity or accessory (up to a maximum of £50 per amenity or accessory and a total of 25% refund). Alternatively, the hirer can cancel the Hire Agreement without penalty if the impact is severe enough.

The hirer must inform Camplify and the Owner as soon as the fault becomes apparent, document this and provide proof of the fault. Camplify cannot guarantee a refund for a fault brought to its attention once the hire has ended.

Find out more about our dispute process here.