Yes, the Liability Deposit is required as a deposit upon the collection of the vehicle.

The Liability Deposit will become a pending transaction from the credit card supplied (all funds will be processed against your card).

The amount is determined by the Liability Waiver package option selected by the hirer. This will appear as a pending transaction on the hirer's credit card 48 hours before the start of the holiday and for the duration of the trip.

Camplify holds this liability deposit until we get confirmation there is no damage through the pre and post-hire checklists. The checklists are critical for any hires that have taken place and subsequently require a bond or insurance claim. This documentation is used to support any claims made by the owner/hirer. Without completion of these documents, Camplify will not be able to support the recovery of the bond or a smooth insurance claim.  

If the damage gets reported, we will withhold the funds until the issue is resolved and costs are determined. Alternatively, if the owner reports no issues, the liability deposit is returned in full to the hirer, usually within 48 hours of the end of the holiday.

FAQ - What are the pre-hire and post-hire checklists?